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Ahoy me hearties!

Welcome aboard

You will find on these pages some background to my small presence on this planet earth! You should come away with an overall impression of my interests, work experiences and ongoing personal projects. The reason for publishing publicly such information is I guess a little desire to have some small impact whilst on our global planet, and to let especially family and friends to know about those things that still keep me off the street corner, even in my more mature years. It's an indulgence I know, but please humour me, and I hope the site brings a little warmth to you regardless of my own self indulgence.


You might observe a general nautical and travel theme from the articles and thro' links to some of the websites along with several different photo galleries about holidays enjoyed. This is intentional!

Site features:

  •   My outline work experiences, in case you want to keep me off the street corner!

  •   Background info on my interest in rigid hull inflatable boats.

  •   Our ongoing restoration of 'Phyllis', a 1913 Royal Mersey Restricted Class racing yacht.

  •   The internet support to small businesses under our QDOS banner for web services.

  •   Some photo galleries of some memorable holidays.

  •   Links to my online rigid hull inflatable boat magazine, our boat sales websites and some other
      favourite links to our local community websites.

As you can imagine this website is a development project, especially the restoration of 'Phyllis'. If our site interests you please return sometime soon to see how things have progressed.

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