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Professional CV

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Work Experience

Nuclear fuel design engineer trained with some forty years experience in the nuclear engineering community covering, fuel design, fuel quality control, fuel element engineering components including raw material procurement activities (especially for ceramics and exotic metals) and production components.


The transport of irradiated nuclear fuels. Development of management systems appropriate to various types of nuclear plant covering civil, mechanical, electrical design and onsite construction, installation and testing. The development of nuclear submarine refitting facilities. Auditing of nuclear reactor management systems, nuclear plant operations and general management systems consultancy.


Departmental Manager responsible for a team of professional project and functional management system engineers operating from a head office location and onsite construction team locations.


Presentation of papers and participation with regulatory authorities on national and international standards. Delivery of process change training and joint venture co-ordination activities at project executive board level. Communication management through editorship of corporate newsletters, posters, and magazines.



In the mid 1960's to early 1970's at Harris Technical College (now University of Central Lancashire) completing further education up to what would be considered today as degree level (min), incorporating:

  •   Higher National Certificate

  •   Endorsement Engineering Management

  •   Endorsement Methods Engineering

  •   Endorsement Electronics

  •   Full Technological Certificate (Design)

Professional Memberships

  •   Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

  •   Lead Assessor - IQA International Register of Certificated Auditors (relinquished)

  •   MIQA - Corporate Member of the Institute of Quality Assurance (relinquished)

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