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Like some folk we try to travel a little when we go on holiday, or even if we choose to stay at home!


This section provides links to photos from a few of our favourite trips. Like any photo album, you may find it tedious to look though other peoples memories, unless family or friends. Or you may be simply interested to take a peek at what you may find if you're about to explore that part of the world. I've set-up the galleries as stand-alone sections so if you wish to return here to view others I would recommend you bookmark this page, now!


All our travels have been in the northern hemisphere but one day we hope to venture below the equator line to enjoy some of the continents in the southern hemisphere.


Alaska 98 Adventure

Alaska 1998
A 50 day adventure by rigid inflatable boat following in the wake of Captains James Cook & George Vancouver. Visit some of the remote locations where Cook first stepped ashore in Northwest America and the Inside Passage charted by Vancouver.


Completed in 1998, it benchmarks the decline of the glaciers in Glacier Bay during these times of climate change.

Link here: Alaska 98

China 2002

China 2002

An escorted tour to experience China and cruise the mighty Yangtze river before it was changed forever by the great Three Gorges Dam project, and before the completion of the country's 'capitalist' revolution in time for the Olympic Games in 2008.


Link here: The Little Bus Group

Halfmoon Bay

Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia, Canada 2004
A four month stay in Northwest Canada on the Sunshine Coast, north of Vancouver. An extensive photo gallery complete with diary notes. Covers our home base in Halfmoon Bay, visits to Vancouver Island, the Queen Charlottes, Ketchican in Alaska and a trip to San Francisco.


Shortly after our voyages by ferry boat thru the Inside Passage one of the ships we were passengers on struck a rock in the same waters and sunk (with some loss of life).

Link here: Halfmoon Bay

Staying At Home

Our Own Doorstep, Album 2005
A selection of photographs from own 'neck of the woods'. Covering some country walks, a boating trip to Scotland, and one or two local country shows.


We also managed to slip in a break to Bruges and a fascinating visit to flanders fields at Ypres, some of the front lines of the first world war. A very moving place that every politician should visit during their term in office.

Link here: Album 2005

Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas 2006

A short trip in March 06 to catch up with our eldest daughter, and grandson during the time our son-in-law was posted to Dallas with his work. A chance to see some of the wild west at Fort Worth and visits to the historical buildings and the grassy knoll involved with the infamous assassination of the popular President JF Kennedy.


Link here: Dallas, Texas



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