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History : Snippets uncovered during our research on Phyllis


A very old, and very thread bare blueprint of AVIS is being used as the basis for the restoration of Phyllis. David Moss, master shipwright based at Skippool Creek - Poulton Le Flyde, kept AVIS in dry berthing for more than 30 years before she was finally broken up. David managed to uncover an original blue print of AVIS, on one side hull construction details, and on the other the sail plan. To say that these are working documents would be a travesty, but David has been able to glean some essential information along with a photo or two to help in his restoration of Phyllis.


I've included these pictures below, so you can see for yourself how challenging any restoration project can be!


RMYC Avis - Blueprint

Thread Bare Blueprint of AVIS (1906)

RMYC Avis - Blueprint


Original Blueprint of AVIS (1906)


AVIS Mersey Restricted Class

AVIS - Drying Out

AVIS Mersey Restricted Class


AVIS - Offset Cabin Hatch

Manfanwy Bach
Another Restricted Class, built by Williams & Son who's yard was alongside the RMYC, is depicted in a magnificent oil painting commissioned by the Nesbitt brothers, who owned her from 1921 - 1959 which still takes pride of place on the wall alongside the bar in the clubhouse.


Mersey Maritime Museum has a scale model on display of Manfanwy (Bach) which was made in 1924 by J P Kirkpatrick (who used to sail with the Nesbitts), renovated in 1934 by G R Radcliffe of the West Cheshire Sailing Club. And subsequently donated by R D Nesbitt to Liverpool Museums in 1936. Believed to be the only model ever completed of a Restricted Class boat. It was saved at the last moment from the fires caused during the May Blitz 1941 by Mr Leonard Scarth, Museum security staff member.


From insurance notes in my archives I have been able to ascertain that Manfanwy Bach was thought to be ashore under renovation in 1979. Her whereabouts today are currently unknown.



Model in Mersey Maritime Museum

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