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QDOS Introduction

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For starters, QDOS is not an acronym for anything. Just a holding domain for the website activities we get involved in. We use it to describe the types of services we provide and as a development and testing area for website and internet services before production implementation. I quite like it though, especially as "kudos" was not available as a domain when I looked to register it.


Background to QDOS

In 1998 on an expedition to Alaska in a rigid inflatable boat I was very impressed to find one of the local native indians, Israel Shotridge from Ketchican working on the quayside trading in totem poles over the internet. Wow, back in ' 98 I thought this was quite something as the notion of one of the historical methods of communication, the totem pole, and the very latest way to tell a story, the internet, was being used to sell totems around the world. Wow, once again!


This impressed me no end, especially as this technology was only just beginning to take off in the UK, and that was only around 10 years ago now. On my return from Alaska I became a bit of a pioneer (I guess) of an e-zine, an online magazine devoted to my passion of fast and powerful rigid inflatable boats. As HotRIBS was developed out it wasn't long before others asked us for our help in establishing a web presence.


This website, HotRIBS, is still published free online, and has become an authoritative resource, (not my words but those of a corporate customer) on these particular types of craft.

Under the banner of QDOS, we now support some thirty or so website's. Some commercial, some community and some for fun. Our prime interest is in supporting small business enterprises. We still get asked thro' referral to do commissions and will gladly take them onboard if the timing is right and they appeal to us.


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